Afrikan Spirituality | Lost History | Afrofuturism

Through this project, we aim to spark a new fire in the youth who are the hope of our nation and continent, that in the fields of the arts, we as a people have something to offer the rest of the world. We also strive to show that art can be a native, enabling one to make a living, achieve dreams, attain higher heights and be a vehicle for positive social change in our communities.


Dates: 6th to 25th August

Venue: Alliance Francaise

Time: Open Daily-Free of charge

We also seek to light a fire in the heart of every Afrikan, even in whatever fields they choose to pursue, that as a people we can strive for and achieve great things. This project intends to connect our successful and fulfilling history, which many young people are yet to fully embrace, the better future we aspire for, and everything else in between.

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