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Modeling Careers

We are hitting the
Runway this April !

We are done with the first quarter of 2023, just like that! And we are in the middle of an economic and political crisis, topped up with a heavy serving of the global recession. Anyways, that aside, it has been the most eventful 3 months for us at Karakana, and we are now shifting gears to a totally different BUT related space in the creative industry in the month of April.


We know many of you think Karakana is all about art and photography. But that is not the case! In the month of April, we shift our focus to modeling careers and their ecosystem, the professionals that support them.


This includes stylists, fashion designers, photographers (yes!), makeup artists, modeling agents, model coaches and content creators. These upcoming forums are planned in partnership with Mr. and Miss University Kenya and Pambazuka Entertainment.

We will have a Karakana Dialogues forum on Tuesday 11th April from 6:00 to 8:00pm at Ukumbi Mdogo at the Kenya National Theatre. We shall have a very experienced and resourceful panel of four experts talking to young people looking to get into modeling, or those already in the modeling career space.


The next forum will be on Tuesday 25th April as a follow up on that, but we will focus on the supporting professionals in the modeling space.

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