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Careers in Modeling Part 1: Karakana Dialogues Forum for Young Models

Judging by the comments and feedback that our team at Karakana Initiative has received in the first quarter of 2023, most people have been thinking that we are all about fine art and photography only! That is not true. Karakana is here for the WHOLE of the creative industry. And like we said before, April and May, we are focusing on careers in modeling and the other professionals who support them mostly fashion designers, stylists, modeling agencies, make-up artists, photographers, model coaches and content creators.

Yesterday we had the first of three forums at the Kenya Cultural Centre, where we had three hours of intense discussions with industry experts, practicing models, current reigning kings and queens from local and international pageants and aspiring models. This first forum of Karakana Dialogues on careers in modeling offered a deep dive into understanding modeling, a little bit of make-up, and a look at possible career paths in modeling.

The next session, Careers in Modeling Part 2, will take place at the same venue on April 25th from 5:00pm. This time, we will have professionals in fashion design, professional photography with experience in shooting models and commercial advertising, a model agent and a model coach specializing in personal branding.

Karakana Initiative has put together a series of three forums under the Karakana Dialogues to mentor and advise young aspiring models and those looking at the modeling ecosystem.

Mr. Leakey Odera opened the session with a detailed presentation on understanding the modeling career path so that attendees could get to understand their expectations.

I had the pleasure of moderating the three-hour session, drawing wisdom, knowledge and experience from a panel of 5 professionals.

Mr. Odada Okello, the CEO of Modeling 360 and Mr. World Kenya 2002-2007, took the time to explain about brand-building, grooming, image and the need for etiquette.

One of the 5 panelists of the session was Maureen Njiru, a professional make-up artist, make-up skills trainer and beauty coach.

Noni Kariuki was one of the panelists. She is a young career journalist, a climate activist and a creative. She is also the first and the reigning Miss Tourism Africa.

Panelist Cliff Mageto, Mr. World Kenya 2019 finalist, Mr. Environment Kenya Nairobi County 2017 and Top model of the year 2022-2023 at Pwani International Fashion Awards. Cliff currently works at OPPO KENYA as a the aftersales Customer Service Services supervisor.

Karakana Dialogues are fortnightly events by Karakana Initiative and they give artists and creatives opportunities to learn form established industry professionals as well as ask questions as part of a Karakana's bigger mentorship programs.

The 5th panelist of the night was Mr. Leakey Odera, the CEO of Pambazuka Entertainment and one of the most experienced professionals in pageantry in Kenya. He is also the chairman of Mr. and Miss University Kenya.

Comments, question and answer session.

We had reigning queens and kings from various pageants in Kenya.

Karakana Dialogues give professionals and young creatives a golden opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Teddy Warria from Africa's Talking sharing his insights and comments during the forum.

VIDEO: If you would like to watch the three hour session from the forum, it is all here.


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