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Theme: A Connection Between then and Now.

Festival Dates: 19th to 22nd october 2023

Venue: Kenya Cultural Centre

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Afrikan Art

Kesho Afrika is a curious celebration and showcase of Afrikan art through culture and history, Afrikan spirituality, Afrikan heroes and heroines and Afrofuturism. With great emphasis on Afrikan spirituality, a traditional authentic identity and cultural practices, we use various forms of art and creative expression to celebrate our continent, the cradle of mankind.

Culture + History

Kesho Afrika is greatly crafted for Kenyan youth who, for many diverse reasons, could be losing touch with authentic Afrikan culture and identity. The four main thematic areas are Afrikan spirituality and religions, Afrikan culture and history, Afrikan heroes and heroines as well as Afrofuturism.


The First Show-2019

Back in 2019, Karakana Initiative organized the first edition of Kesho Afrika at Alliance Francaise-Nairobi, a two-week visual art exhibition fused with a number of performances and live art experiences. Since then, we have exhibited some of those pieces and created smaller similar experiences in other shows in the country and beyond. This time, we have crafted a full festival running for four days at the Kenya Cultural Centre in the month of October 2023.

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