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Understand the Festival Themes



Afrofuturism is a cultural, artistic, and speculative movement that explores the intersection of African and African diaspora culture with science fiction, fantasy, and technology. It envisions alternative futures and reimagines the past through a unique lens. In the realm of artistic and creative expression.

Afrikan Spirituality

This is diverse and encompasses a wide range of beliefs and practices across the continent. We have never been a monolithic entity, and our spiritual beliefs vary greatly from one region to another. However, there are some common features and themes that our traditional religions embraced such as Healing practices, polytheism, divination, rituals and ceremonies, ancestor veneration, oral tradition and spirit possession

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Heroes + Heroines

Our heroes and heroines remain important because they serve as role models and symbols of values, bravery, and wisdom, teaching is to show courage in the face of challenges and adversity. They often have stories that pass down the history and wisdom of our communities, helping to preserve Afrikan culture and traditions. They also inspire and unite us, giving our people a sense of pride and identity in our shared history and values. Our heroes and heroines are like shining examples that guide and bring people together.

Culture + History

Our Afrikan culture and history have given us rich sources of inspiration and a sense of identity as artists and creators. Many of us draw from African traditions, stories, and art forms to make new music, paintings, dances, and literature that reflect both the past and the present. By doing this, we honor their heritage and show the beauty and diversity of Afrika to ourselves and the world. This also helps us as creative minds to express important ideas, like the struggle for freedom and equality, which are still relevant today. These journeys continue to shape and enrich artistic and creative work, connecting the past with the present.

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